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SENSES™ Natural Ear Mist - For Pets

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1 out of every 6 dogs suffers at some point from otitis externa (OE), which is irritated outer ears that cause pets to scratch and dig in their ears.

OE continues to be one of the top reasons for clinic visits in the United States.

  • Recurrence can be related to not fully resolving the acute episode.
  • OE is a painful condition that can make pets resistant to treatment.
  • Most drops rely on steroids, which are unnatural and can can be bad for outer ear health.

ENT Naturals provides an non-steroidal, alternative cleaning product based on virgin coconut oil based ear treatment designed to provide natural cleansing/soothing relief for pets.

Natural ear relief from medicinal coconut oil.

For irritated pet ears including wax. "Treat your pet ears like you would your own."

SENSES pet is the only available medicinal formulation by ENT physician based on virgin, organic, non hydrogenated coconut oil aimed at soothing ear itch, wax buildup and irritation.  STEROID FREE, therefore safe for regular usage. 

  • Organic formulation
  • Quick gentle mist – no more slow dropper bottles
  • Natural ingredients, NO STEROIDS
  • Gentle enough for all pets
  • Helps to cleanse, softens wax 
  • Moisturizes dry ear canal skin 

All natural, non steroidal coconut oil formula with anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.

✔ Virgin, Organic Non-Hydrogenated Coconut Oil

✔ All Natural

✔ Quick Relief

✔ No Steroids

✔ No Preservatives

✔ Safe for Frequent Usage

How to Use:

  1. Store at room temperature.
  2. Shake well before use.
  3. Hold bottle upright with nozzle placed just inside ear canal.
  4. Depress actuator fully 1-3 times per ear, up to 2 times daily.
  5. Massage pet's ear and then wipe excess.
  6. Discard after one year from first use.
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