Ear Cleaning Products Q & A


Ear Cleaning Products: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

For most people, earwax buildup is a natural phenomenon. Earwax is produced by glands in your ear canal to trap dust and small particles that might otherwise damage or infect your eardrum. Earwax is supposed to dry up and fall out of the ear naturally, but that’s not always the case.

Certain groups of people need to have their ears routinely cleaned to prevent excess earwax build up. If you’re a senior citizen, you wear a hearing aid, or you have smaller or oddly shaped ear canals, it may become difficult for your ears to expel wax on their own. This can lead to painful wax impactions, causing reduced hearing, dizziness, and hearing a ringing sound in the ears when coughing.

As you try to navigate the many ear cleaning products available, you likely have questions. When is ear cleaning necessary, and how can you clean your ears safely? Are certain ear cleaning products better than others? 


Ear Cleaning 101

Will you benefit from ear cleaning products? Here are the answers to the top seven ear cleaning questions. 


1. Why Do Ears Need Cleaning?

In most cases, inner ear canals do not need to be cleaned. However, you may need to prevent excess earwax buildup or moisturize hardened earwax so that it can come out of your ear naturally. Several ear cleaning drops and products are designed to help clean the inner ear without potentially damaging your ear canal. If your ear canal becomes completely blocked, however, you’ll likely have to visit your doctor to have the excess wax removed safely.

While most inner ears do not need to be cleaned, it’s essential to clean the outside of your ear still. Exterior ear cleaning helps skin irritations and conditions such as dermatitis and dry or itchy ears. Like the rest of your skin, your ears can dry out due to your environment, harsh soaps, perfumes, allergies, dehydration, and stress. 


2. Why is It So Important for Me to Have Clean Ears?

Inconsistent or lack of ear cleaning can be as poor for your health as any other hygiene-rela km ted problem. If you do not care for your ears, they may become dry, itch, or you may experience excess earwax that could lead to a blockage. If a blockage occurs, the blockage can impact your hearing, increase your risk for infection, and become painful. 


3. Can I Clean My Ears Myself?

In most cases, you can clean your ears yourself. Routine cleaning and moisturizing of your external ear will help you keep your ears healthier and cleaner. In more severe cases or if a blockage occurs inside your ear, you will likely need to visit your doctor for further assistance. 


4. What are Some Safe Ways to Clean My Ears?

Ear cleaning products, such as moisturizing and restoring lotions, creams, and ointments, can benefit your outer ears' health. If you suffer from excessive earwax buildup or wear a hearing aid that prevents earwax's natural expulsion, coconut oil-based ear cleaning drops and sprays can help expel hardened earwax. Coconut oil ear cleaning products can also treat itchy and dry skin on and around the outer ear.

You should never use invasive ear cleaning products to remove earwax. This includes cotton swabs, ear candles, and hydrogen peroxide. These types of products can damage your inner ear, create an earwax blockage, and cause itchiness and dryness. 


5. How Often Should I Clean My Ears?

How often you should clean your ears depends on you. If your ears are dry and itchy, you may need to clean them more frequently. If you are concerned about the level of earwax in your ear or any irritation you may be experiencing, talk to your doctor. 


6. What are Signs That I Need My Ears Cleaned?

You may need to clean your ears if you are experiencing pain, irritation, itchiness, hearing loss, or a sensation of fullness in your ear. If you suspect that you might have an earwax blockage, it’s essential to talk with your doctor right away as you may be at risk for an ear infection. 


7. Are Dirty Ears a Cause for Concern?

Dirty ears can become concerning when associated with itchiness, dryness, pain, or unpleasant smells. Not only can these symptoms become a nuisance, but they could lead to other conditions such as ear infections, wax impactions, and various skin conditions. 


Using SENSES Natural Ear Mist for Cleaner, Healthier Ears

SENSES Natural Ear Mist is composed of natural, organic ingredients, including Organic coconut oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E acetate, Mineral Oil, Organic Black Cumin Oil.

This soothing formula softens, loosens, and removes excess earwax while cleaning your ear and reducing itchiness.


Unlike ear cleaning drops, the directed mist spray prevents spillage and ensures the correct dosage. Simply hold the bottle upright and place the nozzle just inside of your ear canal to use once or twice on each ear.


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