Guide to a Healthy Nose

The average American produces a liter of mucus per day. Cells in the lining of your nasal passages and sinus cavities (known as goblet cells) secrete the slimy stuff.  When you have a cold, your immune system floods your mucus with white blood cells, which contain an enzyme that causes snot to thicken.

maintain a clean nasal environmentWhen inflammation in the nose occurs from allergens, this disturbs the normal nasal cycle causing symptoms of itch, congestion and irritation.

It is important to help maintain a clean, moist nasal environment for optimal nasal health. 

SENSES Nose Moisturizer Gel and Allergy Nose Mist help you to promote nasal hygiene naturally.

SENSES Natural Nose Moisturizing Gel serves as ‘hand lotion for you nose’- combatting dryness and nasal irritation.  Dryness comes from cold climates, home heating, aging and even CPAP usage among others.

The gateway to allergens affecting your upper respiratory system is often through the nose.  SENSES Natural Allergy Nose Mist targets to the nose, helping to ease the inflammation leading to congestion and nasal irritation.