Guide to Healthy Ears

The outer ear canal is a hard area to monitor, as you can’t look into your own ear.  Dr. Fitzpatrick is a board certified ENT surgeon that counsels people daily on proper ear care.

 child's ear

The SENSES ear care line is specially formulated to provide everyone with easy effective ear mists for daily ear care.

The best environment for proper ear canal health is one that is acidic (ph less <7)

Many ear drops contain steroids which can be harmful over time, however ENT Naturals harness natural fatty acids to accomplish this without the use of steroids.

ear canclWax in the ear canal is normal and keeps the ear canal healthy.  Excessive wax causes obstruction and even hearing loss.  Dr. Fitzpatrick developed an easy self-directed mist helping one to self address wax build-up. 

Ear canal itch often comes from skin irritation or allergies.   Again, many treatments involve the use of steroids.  Dr. Fitzpatrick focuses on the natural fatty acids in coconut oil to help sooth and ease ear itching WITHOUT steroids.   


alleviates the need to dig or scratch earsUsing SENSES natural ear mist alleviates the need to dig or scratch with items like Q-tips that can worsen wax buildup or scape the ear canal causing infections.