Nose Q&A

Nose Q&A

Why does my nose get dry or irritated?

Nasal mucosa (skin) along with nasal hairs help to humidify air. Nasal obstruction (septum or edema) alters airflow and contributes to dryness. Furnace heat, environmental allergies and airborne items like tobacco smoke cause irritation.
When the nose gets too dry, things begin not to work well and make cause pain, cracking, bleeding and infection. SENSES nose gels are like "hand lotion for your nose"

How do I improve dryness or irritation in my nose?

Avoiding irritants and regular nasal hygiene can help. Use SENSES Nose Lube 2-3 x daily.

Can dryness lead to bloody noses?

Yes, regular moisturizing can help reduce risk of nosebleeds. SENSES Nose Lube helps soothe, moistens and reduces irritation.

Why does my nose itch?

Itching can be a sign of allergies, an ENT doctor can rule out other causes, but if one is allergy prone, cleansing the nose with SENSES nose allergy can help reduce irritation and inflammation. Black cumin oil is a natural organic non-steroidal plant based oil proven in clinical trials to help sooth allergy nasal itch and irritation.

Are SENSES nose products worth buying?

Physician formulated all natural, organic oils safe and effective for nasal relief. Non- addicting and no steroids. The only non -hydrogenated , organic virgin coconut oil based products for your ears and nose health.
Think of it as 'hand lotion for your nose'