1 out of every 6 dogs suffering from otitis externa (OE), which is irritated outer ears that cause pets to scratch and dig in their ears. 

  • OE continues to be one of the top reasons for clinic visits in the United States.
  • Recurrence can be related to not fully resolving the acute episode.
  • OE is a painful condition that can make pets resistant to treatment.
  • Most current treatment approaches rely on steroids,which are unnatural and can can be bad for outer ear health. 

ENT Naturals provides an non-steroidal, OTC alternative based on virgin coconut oil based ear treatment designed to provide natural soothing relief for pets.

SENSES Pet Ear Oil 

  • Healthy relief
  • Non drying
  • Active ingredients work effectively NO STEROIDS
  • Gentle enough for all pets.
  • Removes wax, helps to clean out ear
  • Reduces chronic ear wax congestion
  • Soothes dry skin and itching inside of ear canal



Dr. Fitzpatrick’s notion of using organic topicals to reduce this inflammation is the basis of ENT Natural targeted formulations for ears, nose and pet applications.  His board certified medical training in ENT medicine and allergies for both children and adults is the backbone to the superior over-the-counter solutions offered by ENT Naturals