Coconut Oil

3 key features unique to ENT Naturals coconut oil products:

  1. Developed liquid coconut oil using virgin organic non processed supply
  2. Formulated by an expert/physician in ENT and allergy medicine
  3. Harnesses natural, innate properties of coconut oil while preserving all essential fatty acids.

Unlike other oils such as olive oil, which are liquid at room temperature, virgin non-processed coconut oil is a solid at room temperature.  Dr. Fitzpatrick has uniquely formulated organic topical combinations allowing ENT Naturals to provide high concentration of virgin, organic, non-processed coconut oil in a LIQUID form.  This is accomplished without refinement which preserves the natural integrity of the coconut oil.

Commercial coconut oil is made from copra or the dried kernel meat of coconut and goes through refining, bleaching and deodorizing processes.  These processes alter the oils and despite marketing, are not natural.  

On the other hand, virgin coconut oil (VCO) is obtained from fresh mature kernel of the coconut by natural means without the use of hear and without undergoing chemical refining (Villarinoa et al 2007).  This is the basis for our all ENT Natural organic topical products.

Unrefined oil serves as the basis of SENSES ear and nose mists.   Preserving the key medium chain fatty acid, especially auric acid is priority.  Laurie acid makes up 50% of coconut oil.  This is largely lost in the refinement of commercial available liquid coconut oils.  Dr. Fitzpatrick’s lack of refinement preserves all the natural benefits of VCO. 

Inflammation in the respiratory system is a key factor in many common ENT aliments; related to oxidative stress to a variety of airborne allergens and infections. 

Dr. Fitzpatrick’s notion of using organic topicals to clean and moisturize is the basis of ENT Naturals targeted formulations for ears, nose and pet applications.  His board certified medical training in ENT medicine and allergy for both children and adults is the backbone to the superior solutions found within the SENSES product line.

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