•  The most innovative organic, physician formulated topcials for your ears, nose and throat (ENT)
    Lauric Acid Chemical Structure
  • Formulated to help moisturize and cleanse mucus membranesnasal mucosa cells

At ENT naturals, we take pride in using only the most natural, non-hydrogenated organic coconut oil as the base of all our products. Our products are the most innovative organic topicals formulated for your ears nose and throat in the industry for ENT health.

From using US pharmaceutical grade material, to our state of the art filling process and our physician/compound pharmacy experts, our goal is to provide excellent quality natural organic topicals for the ears, nose and throat.

Once applied to membranes of the ears, nose or throat, our coconut oils containing natural fatty acids help to clean and moisturize.

Our manufacturing process preserves all the natural benefits from the long chain fatty acids from our organic virgin non-hydrogenated coconut oil.  This is unique and contrary to all other commercially available 'liquid oils'. 

The key therapeutic 12 carbon fatty acid, known as lauric acid, is a missing component in many other coconut oil products, but this medicinal component is maintained in all of ENT Naturals products.


coconuts✔ Virgin, Organic Non-
hydrogenated coconut oil
✔ All Natural
✔ Non-habbit forming
✔ Quickly moisturizes 
✔ No preservatives
✔ No Steroids