3 Reasons Why You Need to Use Moisturizing Ear Spray and How to Get Started

by Patrick Fitzpatrick on October 20, 2021


Reasons Why You Need to Use Moisturizing Ear Spray
It can be hard to monitor issues brewing inside the ear canal, since you’re unable to look inside your own ear. You often won’t realize there’s a problem until you notice dryness, redness, itching, and irritation.

Luckily, you can use an ear moisturizer designed for daily use to promote healthy ears and ear canals. In this post, we’re sharing three benefits of using an ear moisturizer and offering some tips on how to use them successfully in your ear care routine.

3 Reasons You Should Use an Ear Moisturizer

If you’ve never used an ear moisturizer before, you might be wondering when it could be beneficial to try. Here are three problems that can be addressed by using an ear moisturizer:

1. Soothes Dry, Irritated Skin Around the Ears

When it comes to keeping our skin moisturized, we don’t often think about the skin around our ears gettingdry and irritated. However, there are a few different triggers that can lead to this discomfort. Allergies, exposure to heat or harsh soaps, and even other dry skin conditions can cause this area to become red and itchy. An ear moisturizer can restore balance to the skin around the ears and prevent the issue from worsening.

2. Helps Remove Excess Wax Buildup

Should your ears have excessive wax buildup, it’s important to remove it safely. While cotton swabs are a common tool for cleaning the ear canal, they can actually do more harm than good. Swabs can push wax further into the ear canal, leading to bigger issues like impaction and discomfort. It can even cause the ear drum to rupture if you aren’t careful.

It’s better to use an ear moisturizer, because it can soften and loosen wax, making it easier to remove. It will also cleanse and hydrate the ear, preventing any dryness.

3. Relieves Pain Caused by Trapped Water

Athletes who play water sports and children who spend hours in the pool during the summer often experience the discomfort that arises when water gets trapped in the ear. When water remains inside the ear after swimming, it creates a moist environment that can become a breeding ground for bacteria. This can lead to swimmer’s ear, a painful infection that impacts the outer ear canal.

Swimmer’s ear causes mild symptoms such as itching and redness, but may lead to the development of severe pain and a complete blockage of the ear canal. Using an ear moisturizer can soothe any irritation that arises as a result of this infection, though it won’t eliminate bacteria.

How to Get Started Using an Ear Moisturizer

The key to successfully using an ear moisturizer is to make sure the drops go all the way into the ear. If you fail to do this, it won’t get where it needs to go and won’t provide any relief. The best way to get started is to either lie down on your side or tilt your head to one side in order to apply the drops. It helps to also hold the middle of the outer rim of the ear and gently pull the ear up and back.

After you’ve applied the specified number of drops into the ear canal, you’ll want to massage the area directly in front of the ear, over the opening to the ear canal. This helps to properly distribute the dry ear spray into the ear canals, ensuring they’re fully coated.

Here are a few helpful tips, depending on who is in need of the ear moisturizer:

  • For Yourself: It helps to have someone assist you with the process so you can be sure the drops go into the ear canal. However, it is possible to apply them on your own. Just lie down or tilt your head to the side, and take your time when squeezing the drops into your ear.

  • For Children: Only use products that are safe for use on children. If you aren’t sure which one to buy, look at the ingredients and choose one that has natural active ingredients instead of harsh chemicals.

  • For Pets: Make sure you find a pet-friendly product, like a moisturizing spray for dogs, so you don’t do any damage to your pet’s ears. If your pet is a little skittish, have someone hold the animal while you use both hands to apply the drops.

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