Old Man Winter and Your Ears

by Patrick Fitzpatrick on November 15, 2020

Along with winter comes dryness to all mucous membranes, including your and your pets ears!  Heating season can bring ear itch, irritation and a sense of dryness.  

Don’t you wish you could spend winter among the palm and coconut trees and warm weather!  

So...bring the soothing, moisturizing benefit of coconut to your ears!  SENSES natural ear mist provides an easy to use, organic coconut oil mist great for daily ear care.

All-Natural Ear Mist

Perfect to help moisturizes your ear canals- Like Hand Lotion for your Ears.  Try some today- Pet formula also available. Check us out at ENTsenses.com

P. Fitzpatrick DO

ENT surgeon & Founder SENSES natural ear mist