Is peroxide best to soften ear wax ?

by Patrick Fitzpatrick on November 20, 2019

I deal with wax/cerumen daily in my ENT practice in both adults and kids.  A frequent home remedy used for ear wax is squirting hydrogen peroxide in the ears.  

After trying - many soon realize this causes annoying bubbling can crackling sound and often feel their ear is more clogged.  On top of that - peroxide causes canal dryness.  

SENSES Ear Mist not only allows user friendly application- its all natural, organic coconut oil formula that will not only soften wax, but also moisturize and cleanse the ear canal from all drebis include wax/cerumen. 

Give us and try= physician formulae and dermatologist tested Senses Natural Ear Mist!  

-P. Fitzpatrick DO - founder ENT Naturals and ENT physician