How to Safely Clean Your Child's Ears

by Patrick Fitzpatrick on October 27, 2021

How to Safely Clean Your Child's Ears

Ear infections are a common ailment that most people will experience at least once in their lifetime.

However, while anyone can get an ear infection, children are impacted far more frequently by this common ailment, with an estimated five out of six children experiencing at least one ear infection before their third birthday. Today, ear infections are the most common reason children see a pediatrician.

You can take steps to help prevent your child from getting an ear infection, including cleaning your child's ears with a natural ear cleaning spray.

What is an Ear Infection?

Ear infections are inflammation that occurs within the ear. This inflammation is generally caused by bacteria but may also be caused by poor ventilation within the ear and excessive earwax buildup. Anyone can get an ear infection, but people who are more likely to experience reoccurring ear infections include:

  • Children, especially those who attend daycare centers
  • Individuals with inadequate immune systems
  • Those who have a family history of ear infections
  • Males
  • Occupants of households with tobacco use
  • Formula-fed babies

Just like some are at a greater risk for ear infections, there are steps to take that reduce your child's risk of an ear infection, including routinely cleaning their ears.

The Symptoms of an Ear Infection in Children

Because children cannot articulate how they are feeling, parents need to detect the more subtle signs of ear infections in children. Those signs include:

  • Frequently tugging at or rubbing ears
  • Fever
  • Mood changes, including irritability and restlessness
  • Crying when lying down
  • Ear drainage
  • Poor appetite
  • Poor sleep

Why Are Children More Likely to Get Ear Infections?

Children are more likely to experience ear infections than adults for several reasons, including:

  • Ear Anatomy: Children's ears are still developing, and their Eustachian tubes are smaller than adults'. Because these tubes are small, fluid is more likely to become trapped within the ear, and those tubes can become swollen or blocked by bacteria or mucus.

  • Developing Immune System: Immune systems in children are still developing. That's why children are at a greater risk for various forms of infections and illnesses. In addition, once an infection occurs, it is also more challenging for a child to fight infections.

How Are Ear Infections in Children Treated?

In most cases, doctors prescribe children an antibiotic to clear up ear infections, which must be taken over seven to ten days. Doctors may also recommend pain killers, such as ibuprofen to alleviate inflammation, fever, and pain.

Children receiving antibiotics for an ear infection generally begin to feel better within a few days. However, kids must continue to receive antibiotics as prescribed, even after their symptoms start to improve. After the ear infection clears, there may still be a fluid buildup in your child's ear for between three and six weeks.

If your child experiences reoccurring ear infections, you may need to limit factors (listed in the following section) that put your child at greater risk. In addition, your child may benefit from the routine use of ear cleaning spray.

How to Prevent Child Ear Infections

Cleaning ears can help prevent ear infections, excessive wax buildup, and other conditions. SENSES Natural Ear Mist is a natural and safe ear cleaning spray that's gentle on children's ears. When using SENSES Natural Ear Mist, shake well before use and place the bottle's nozzle inside your child's ear canal while holding the bottle upright.

Fully depress the actuator one to two times per ear and dab away any excess moisture with a tissue or a soft cloth. You can use this natural ear cleaning spray up to twice daily. Never stick anything inside of your child's ear, including cotton swaps or earwax candles.

In addition to cleaning a child's ears, you can help prevent ear infections in your children's ears by:

  • Vaccinating your children against the flu each year
  • Frequently washing your children's hands
  • Avoiding allergens, cigarette smoke, and harsh chemicals
  • Avoiding giving your child a bottle at night or when put down for a nap
  • Limiting your child's exposure to kids who are sick

Cleaning a Child's Ears with Natural Ear Cleaning Spray

Ear infections are common in children, but there are steps to prevent them. In addition to keeping your child's ears clean, SENSES Natural Ear Mist moistens the ear canal using organic coconut oils to prevent and reduce symptoms of dry, irritated, and itchy ears.

Cleaning a child's ears can help prevent ear infections and irritation. Try SENSES Natural Ear Mist today or contact us to learn more.