Environmental allergies and your pets' ears

by Patrick Fitzpatrick on April 03, 2021

Environmental allergies cause a lot from the discomfort of constant itching and irritated skin in dogs and other pets.  These allergies make pets more prone to itch flare factors such as fleas, staph or yeast infections, and food allergies.  Dogs with allergies are also prone to getting ear infections which often are a secondary symptom of underlying allergies, especially allergies to dust mites, molds, pollens, and dog foods

If you notice your dog scratching their ears or shaking their head more often than usual, dragging the side of their face along the carpet or furniture, smell a bad odor from the ear, or see redness on their ear flap - they need ear care! 

SENSES pet ear mist is an organic, SENSES pet ear mist physician formulated, NATURAL way to control such problems.  Safe for daily use- coconut oil has proven anti inflammatory and anti baceteral properties to help you furry friends ears!  Try it today in our quick/easy to apply mist!  ENTsenses.com