Eliminate Ear Infections in Dogs

by Patrick Fitzpatrick on May 19, 2021


Eliminate Ear Infections in Dogs

Ear infections are relatively common in dogs due to the shape of a dog’s ear canal, allergies, and breed-based factors. These infections, while usually minor, are one of the most common reasons for a trip to the vet. However, conditions that are left untreated can become severe, putting your dog at risk for painful infections that can cause permanent damage to your pet, including deafness.

Using a natural dog ear spray helps treat these infections and prevent them from occurring with routine cleaning and care. By learning more about ear infections and dogs, you’ll know when your dog has an ear infection, and you will be better equipped to treat it using an ear spray for dogs before the infection worsens.

What is Otitis Externa?

Otitis externa is an ear infection of the outer ear canal. Dogs are prone to these infections because their ear canal shape makes them prone to debris and bacteria resulting in an infection. It is estimated that up to 20 percent of dogs have an ear disease-related condition, and several breeds are more susceptible to infection. Dogs that are more prone to otitis externa include:

  • Cocker spaniels
  • Labrador retrievers
  • Pit bulls
  • Poodles
  • Shar-Peis

Dogs that have floppy ears or frequently engage in swimming or running through forested areas are also more prone to ear infections. Allergies and dogs who have more sensitive skin may also find themselves with frequent ear infections.

Ear infections do not only target the outer ear canal. Infections that are severe or have significantly worsened can develop into otitis media and interna. These infections refer to inflammation that has spread into the inner and middle ear and can cause much more significant symptoms. Generally, veterinary intervention and medication are required for these severe forms of infection.

Natural ear sprays for dogs and routine ear cleaning is a crucial part of preventing these infections. However, there is no way to completely safeguard a dog from an ear infection.

The Symptoms of Ear Infections in Dogs

Ear infections can affect one or both of a dog’s ears. Knowing the symptoms of an ear infection in a dog will help you treat the infection sooner, provide your dog relief, and prevent the infection from worsening.

While not every dog will show symptoms of an ear infection, the most common signs you can observe include:

  • Dark discharge
  • A significant buildup of earwax
  • Odor coming from one or both ears
  • Repetitive head shaking
  • Redness or swelling inside of the dog’s ear canal
  • Itchiness and frequent scratching of the ears
  • Ears that are crusting or scabbing
  • Pain

If you routinely clean your dog’s ears or use an ear spray for dogs, you will be more likely to notice inflammation, redness, wax buildup, and scabbing within your dog’s ears as an infection begins.

Symptoms of a more severe infection, such as otitis media and otitis interna, may also include:

  • Loss of hearing
  • Facial paralysis
  • Pain when opening the mouth
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Vertigo or an altered sense of balance
  • Wobbly body movements
  • Leaning more to the side the infected ear when moving

With the right treatment, including natural dog ear cleaning spray, most infections can clear up in one to two weeks. However, if an infection appears to be worsening or severe, take your dog to a veterinary clinic as soon as possible.

The Causes of Ear Infections in Dogs

Several factors can cause ear infections in dogs beyond their prone disposition, including:

  • Moisture and humidity
  • Allergies and skin-related conditions
  • Excessive earwax buildup
  • Foreign bodies
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Injury to the ear canal
  • Excessive ear cleaning
  • Endocrine disorders, including thyroid disease

Using SENSES Natural Ear Mist Ear Spray to Treat and Prevent Ear Infections

Using a natural ear spray for dogs helps prevent and treat canine ear infections. SENSES Natural Ear Mist For Pets provides soothing relief for wax buildup, irritation, itchiness, and painful symptoms. SENSES Natural Ear Mist for Pets uses natural ingredients, including virgin organic coconut oil. It also does not include any steroids or preservatives.

SENSES Natural Ear Mist For Pets aids in cleaning and moisturizing your dog’s ear canal while cleansing and softening hard earwax buildup that can lead to an ear infection. It’s simple to use and can be combined with your dog’s routine ear cleaning.

To use SENSES Natural Ear Mist for Pets, shake well and hold the bottle upright. Place the nozzle inside of your dog’s ear canal and fully depress the actuator one to three times in each ear. Do this up to two times daily. Once done, massage your pet’s ear and then wipe away any excess moisture with a gentle cloth.

Is your dog suffering from an ear infection? SENSES is the dog ear cleaning spray for you. Try SENSES Natural Ear Mist For Pets today or contact us with any questions.