Ear Care : Tips from an ENT doctor

by Patrick Fitzpatrick on May 10, 2020

Everyone has 2 ears and everyone wants clean ears....yet there are few daily care hygiene products for your ears!   There are tons of products for your skin, hair, eyes but few for ears.   I formulated a great, affordable and organic option for your ears!

Welcome to SENSES ear mist- an organic blend mostly of coconut oil great for your ear care needs.   Its steroid free, full of natural benefits including anti bacterial, anti itch and anti inflammatory aspects of coconut oil.  AND our coconut oil is UNREFINED, made in the USA, BPA free and soothing! 

Whether your ears bother you from seasonal allergy, wax build up causing fullness or simply always dry - DON'T UST Q ITPS.  

SENSES ear mist is quick and easy to use, no messy drops and safe for daily use in adults, kids and even pets.  

Check us out at ENTsenses.com - hears to healthy ears and SENSES ear mist: "Like Hand Lotion for Your Ears" 

P. Fitzpatrick  board certified ENT doctor, founder of SENESE ear mist